Brij is a self-directed project that I worked on in my final year of university. I wrote my own brief and I carried out a user experience design process to design an app prototype for a proposal of an application that facilitates communications for primary schools.
User research 
Research for this project involved looking at the importance of parent-school relationships for the development of children in primary school. Brij strives to improve the relationship between parents and teachers, allowing collaboration and communication to benefit children's learning. To understand the needs of parents and teachers regarding school communications, I carried out informal user interviews and used the insights gathered from these to create three personas to solve for.
Needs statements developed for each persona during the research stage 
Prototyping and Testing 
I created low-fi wireframes, and mid-fi wireframes and ensured carried out user testing between iterations of the design to improve the usability of the interface. An interesting insight that came up during user testing was that some of my early interactions on the homepage were not appropriate for the context of the app, such as 'liking' someone's post. In response to this feedback, I changed the like function to a thumbs-up interaction to be more suitable for the context of use.
Some early solution sketches
Visual Design 
Throughout the interface design of the app, I wanted the colours to be eye-catching but appropriate for the context of communications. The typeface used, Urbanist, was chosen due to its readability for on-screen use and I thought it complimented the typeface used in the Brij logo. Throughout the design, the visual interface is simple and easy to use. 
Brij logo
Final brij screens showcasing the different functions of the app
Project Takeaways
Being a self directed project, the one of the key skills I learnt from this project is the ability to self motivate to reach deadlines and get it done! It was a great experience to work with my supervisor to carry out a self directed user experience process, including user interviews and user testing. 
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