The brief for this project was to design branding for EFC London Jazz Festival. The brand needed to be used consistently across large and small printed formats, as well as digitally. The deliverables I designed included an A2 printed poster, a leaflet that contains the schedule for the Festival and an animation to promote the event on social media. This was a second year project I worked on at University.

Final A2 poster designed for the event 

Programme of Events
During the design of the leaflet, I thought carefully about how to make the reading experience as easy as possible for the user while thinking about the context of how they would use the leaflet. The above images illustrate how the leaflet is opened up for the reader. To use the assets I designed for the poster, I separated the members of the jazz trio illustration and placed them separately throughout the booklet to keep the design consistent, yet visually exciting. 

I paid attention to the typographic detailing inside the leaflet, and used the brand colours to label special, family and free events to aid users who were looking for particular types of event. 

Using 2 columns on each page of the leaflet allowed me to fit all of the events for each day onto one page to make it easier for customers who only were interested to visit the festival on a particular day. 

Front of Programme of Events

The social media animation was designed to bring my branding of the event to life using motion using the same assets designed for the branding. The purpose of the animation is to promote the event on social media, and appeal to the demographic. I used a stock audio of jazz music to fit them and using AfterEffects, animated the characters to appear as though they are dancing along to the music. I included event details at the end of the animation such as the event date and website to make it easy for the audience to look the event up. 

Final animation designed for use on social media to promote and identify the event

Project Takeaways
Not only did this project teach me about how to adapt a design to digital and printed deliverables, I learnt about how. An important 
Working independently and responding to feedback 
Animating user AfterEffects

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