Save the Turtles was a group project I took part in during my second year of University. The brief for this project was to work as a group of 3 to develop deliverables that would inform people about a climate issue of our own choice. We designed an awareness-raising poster in the format 210mm x 594mm, along with a short graphic animation. 

Final design of infographic poster designed to be displayed with accompanying animation (see below)

Data visualisation and information design 
Before designing, we thoroughly researched our topic and found 3 data sets that we would visualise for the poster. These included: the endangerment of different types of sea turtles, the distribution of sea turtles in different countries and the predicted change air temperature in Australian coastal regions between 2006 and 2100. Each set of data had to be carefully 
Copy writing 
Based on the data and information we found, we had to figure out how we could create a narrative with the data, and use accompanying text alongside the data visualisations to provide context and explanations for the reader. The copy was edited throughout the project to ensure we could grasp the reader, simplify the information and have a clear call to action. 
To accompany the informative poster, we designed a short visual animation in AfterEffects with a voiceover to bring our project to life. 

Final video animation designed to accompany infographic poster 

Project Takeaways 
Taking part in this project allowed me to work effectively within a team, learn about data visualisation and information design and improve my animation skills in AfterEffects. 
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