Digital mockup of inside pages 

The brief for this project was to propose a design for an independent magazine on an aspect of visual culture. The deliverables included a proposal for a cover series for three issues of the magazine, a range of inside pages and an online presence to promote the magazine. 
My response to the brief was a magazine called Vandal, which aims to break stereotypes around the depiction of graffiti and street art. Vandal explores the meaning of art in public spaces and embraces street art as a form of self-expression.
This was an individual project that took place in my final year of university.

Cover series 

Cover series
I designed 3 book dummies to propose the cover design of Vandal. The masthead is die cut in Paralucent Stencil vertically along the foredge of the cover, revealing a close-up photograph of street art. I chose close up photographs as I wanted the experience of opening the cover to feel like the reader is taking a closer look at street art, exposing the meaning to artists and audiences. 
Inside pages, grid and navigation
The inside pages of 'vandal' are designed on a 12 column grid to allow for consistency and flexibility across the design. I wanted the rhythm of the inside pages to feel steady without feeling too predictable and 'samey', to allow the reading experience to engage the reader.
Colour is used as a navigational device throughout the inside pages to identify which type of article the reader has landed on. This created some differentiation throughout the inside pages, and is helpful for the reader to use the magazine in different ways. 
I dedicated hours of time at the end of this project to perfect bind the 3 magazine dummies to present the magazine proposal. The making process included learning how to use the cricut machine, printing the inside pages on glossy coated paper stock and carefully trimming each spread by hand. Binding then took a few layers of PVA glue, lots of patience and time to dry in the studio. 
Project TakeAways
Taking part in this project sharpened up my skills in Adobe XD, and taught me how to produce press ready PDF's. It took a lot of patience to make the magazine dummy's by hand but this made the end result 10x more rewarding! 
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