From 2020-2023 I worked with West Berkshire Golf Club to design a weekly newsletter for club members. At the start of my role, I re-designed the newsletter to improve the layout and typography to improve the readability for the user. Since then, I worked with the copywriter to produce an issue every week.
On redesigning the newsletter, my focus was on typographic detailing and the relationship between the text and the images to ensure a comfortable reading experience for the audience. Take a look at the first ever issue I worked on, and how I transformed the design of the newsletter. 

TTNB newsletter before redesign (1/2)

TTNB newsletter before redesign (2/2)

A rare 3-page issue of TTNB 

Key Takeaways
My experience working on TTNB at West Berkshire Golf Club has allowed me to experience using InDesign professionally and I have exercised my attention to typographic detail. Aside from this, it was great to work alongside an editor, practice working to real print deadlines and produce press-ready PDF's. 
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